Sunday, December 25, 2016

Rosie's First Christmas

Technically, it's her second, but she was barely a bit over a month old for her first one.  And, it's her first one with us.
Many more, Rosie, many more!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

From our ranch to your home, we wish you the best of days and hope that your 2017 is all you ever wanted!

 After 11 years, she doesn't need to be asked.  I didn't actually want her in the picture, but when she saw me take up the stance, she trudged over and plopped herself down 'Okay, fine.  Take the picture.  My butt's freezing'
 Christmas morning, two frozen dogs, Cricket and Rosie and 27 degrees
 Christmas Eve oysterfest.  Late afternoon, 30 something degrees, Rosie looking for a warm lap to park her butt
 Rosie's first trip to Camp 18 (, with Sybil
On the way home from Camp 18, in, hmmmm, give me a minute, maybe I'll remember...

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Snow Dogs, 2016

It's been nearly 2 years since we've had snow, so the snow we got on Wednesday, which has stuck around due to it being so cold, was fun, especially for Rosie.  It's her first snow, and she thoroughly enjoyed it!  I only got a few pictures of her, because she simply couldn't sit still long enough
 Sybil's second stump shot.  She jumped up for the first one, slid clean off the other side, landed perfectly, turned around, jumped back up and landed just like this
 She had a blob of snow on her nose, but before I could get the shot..... was gone
 Hoke, posing pretty on the deck
 Cricket with her snowy birdbath hat
Rosie's first snow!  She sat just barely long enough before hauling butt once again

Ice Dancing

Last night, it was 18 degrees out.  But before that a few days, we had our first real freeze of the season.  Not as bad as it would get, but it was Rosie's first, so it was kind of fun, watching her figure things out
 'So, should I tell her or are you going to?'
And, several days later....'The chainsaw.  Fetch it for me so I can show the youngster how to do it right'