Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Dogs at a Winery

While Shelly and Bill were here this past week with Rowyn and new puppy Reese, we of course had to go do some wine tasting.  Most Oregon wineries are totally dog friendly, and Airlie out by Dallas/Monmouth is no exception, having Rocky and Riley, two old, senile but absolutely lovely Irish Setters available for guests to greet.  Rowyn was a bit uppity, as expected (thanks, daddy Hoke!) but soon realized these two big ol' goofballs were completely harmless.  Reese the puppy, on the other hand, wouldn't even get out of the truck for quite awhile, until she figured out finally that they didn't want to eat her.
 Reese (black), in front of Ro, with Rocky and Riley flanking
 Ro's had enough
 'Really mom?  He's got awful breath.  Why should I be friends with him?'
 Winemaker Elizabeth kindly opened the doors for us, as they were closed that particular day (shame on me for not checking first)

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