Monday, October 31, 2016

She Jumps

And, she jumps a lot more, but the other 6 pix for some reason remain hidden to Blogger at the moment.
After over 10" of rain this month, the rare non-rainy, semi-sunny days found us outside doing stuff.  Some chore type stuff, but some fun stuff too, like dog breaking the summer lambs, and teaching Rosie to jump.
Start with 10 dollar store baskets (total investment, $30 because who goes to the dollar store and only spends $10?), two random slats of wood and two pieces of PVC pipe.  Start with just two jumps.  Sit puppy at the first jump, walk to the last, set up camera, and call.  This was the result.

The pictures still on the phone are of Rosie doubling down.  From doing two jumps, I went straight to four.  And, if the final jump hadn't been offset so much (if the picture would upload, you'd see what I was talking about), she would have easily done all four.
Now, if only I could remember even a Novice course.....