Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Stockdog Trial

The cows were all bad;
But that's what we had;
They said that a good dog could work 'em.
The sheep ran amuck;
And sometimes got stuck;
They said that a good dog could work 'em.
The ducks raised a fuss;
If their feathers got mussed;
They said that a good dog could work 'em.
So Cricket and Rosie;
Showed they're not posies;
And just went out there and worked 'em.
Meet the good dogs!
 Rosie, 9 months, 4th in Started Cattle and qualified in Started Ducks.  Cricket, almost 11 years, qualified in Started Sheep
On the way home, a very pooped puppy!


  1. Congrats Dusty and give Rosie and Cricket an extra dog treat!

  2. Awesome! Big sister Star says Way to go Rosie. Old dog Rave says way to go Cricket.

  3. Thanks, everybody! Especially big sis Star! Lindy, is Star at Nationals? Love to meet her!

    Cricket says to tell Rave that old dogs RULE!

  4. No, we were not ready for Nationals so cheering Rosie on from a distance. Keep us posted. Love to hear about your dogs. Hopefully we will run into each other next spring.