Thursday, September 8, 2016

Nationals Run Up - More Rosie and Cows

The clock is ticking.  Monday the 12th will be our first stock trial with both girls (Rosie and Cricket), in Started.  I think we could win the biggest age difference award - Rosie just turned 9 months and Cricket will be 11 years in December.
The pretrial starts bright and early Monday morning, and I think we should be on ducks first, followed by sheep and cattle.  Started runs last, after Advanced and Open.
My only goal with Cricket is to not get excused within the first 30 seconds.  Her and I have not made a very good transition from ranch work to trial work.  But Team Dalie should be AWESOME to watch!
 Danny.  It's always Danny being difficult

 Now there's a pretty picture of what a great working Aussie looks and moves like!

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