Monday, August 8, 2016

'...But I Must Teach the Cows a Lesson!!'

Cricket, trying to squeeze under the pasture gate to go discipline the rowdy calves

Cricket Does a Walkabout with the Calves

Cricket goes open field with the not really dogbroke calves, driving them around, showing them that there is safety in crowds.
I'm following with the camera, not saying much of anything except at the turns, telling her which way to go
 A slight bit of confusion in the ranks.  This is either the very first or the second time they've been worked

 That's as pretty a square corner as you'll ever see

 Getting a big froggy.  She will back off a bit and let them settle

 And another square corner.  I never taught her this

Want That

You won't find a better natured dog than Cricket.
She's got a Nak.  Gem is really trying hard to get it.  Hoke would have killed Gem by now

Sunrise Dogs

I'm A Gonna Slap You

Don and Jan came by to set a spell and let the young'uns play.  Rosie plays like a typical Aussie, slap and whap
 'I'm a gonna slap you'
 'Told ya.'
 'Gonna slap you again'
'BOOM!  I slapped you again!!'

Rosie and the Runners

Long story short, a few weeks ago I answered a craigslist ad for Indian Runner ducks, which I had been searching for.  Barb has two Aussies herself, and is coming to watch us at Nationals.  After deciding that her flock of month old ducklings wouldn't work, she loaned us her adults to train with.
Rosie's first go with them was quite wonderful to watch!

Bed Hogs

I closed my book, the signal that it's bedtime.  In the probably 30 seconds it took me to get up and walk into the bedroom, the three dogs that had been snoozing in the den with me had already done this to me.
If there were a Dog Olympics and Bedhogging was a sport in it, I see gold, silver and bronze, right there

Partners in Crime

If ever I thought that Rosie wasn't growing up, these two shots (in the shade, unfortunately) of her and Sybil dispelled that thought.
Still, Sybil is 51 pounds, Rosie finally broke into the 30's with a whopping 32 pounds, so nearly 20 pounds difference there.
And hair.  Lots of hair on Sybil.  Not much on Rosie

The Princess Arrives

Yesterday, Leslie and Anna came up for a visit with Princess Stella, Dale's darling.
She gave him a kinda lukewarm reception, as you can see