Wednesday, July 20, 2016

There's Always One

Cricket dog broke the calves last Friday.  Took about 3 minutes.  A really good, easy going working pen for our practices ahead of the Nationals trials in September.
But there is always one calf that has to be the 'lone cow'.  And, they rotate.  One day it's Gerry, the big long yearling steer; the next, it's little Dart, as you'll see below
 Dart questions Cricket's authority to tell her what to do.  Bad move, Dart
 Lucky for Dart, Cricket's got plenty of cow savvy and patience.  She allows Dart to make the right decision
 Dart's still being a bit balky.  Cricket hasn't lost her patience, not yet

 As you can see by Gerry's big butt disappearing out of frame, the other calves get it and get gone.  Dart, still being a bit of a butt, forces Cricket to get much closer than she should need to.  But, Cricket knows just about how much pressure is needed without using force, to convince Dart to move
One final push, and Dart finally decides that Cricket means it, and decides also to not test those teeth.  Good plan, Dart

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