Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Schooling the New Calves

Well, once again, I got these all out of order somehow, but I think you'll get the gist of things.
We weaned this years trio last Saturday.  No sense starting the dog breaking process until they are through yelling for mom and being all crazy, as 5 month old calves can be anyway.  We also brought along Gerry the long yearling steer and Chelsea, the 8 month old long ago weaned heifer.  Should make for a nice practice pen once they are broke to work with the dogs.
Monday, Cricket and I were going out to work sheep in the arena.  The calves, being the goofballs they are, started running after us as we made our way past the barn to the gate of the arena.  Being calves, newly weaned, with moms yelling just the other side of the fence, they probably thought that we were going to let them back out with mom, and no one wanted to miss that opportunity.
I didn't tell her to do any of this.  But this is what she does.  She is the Ranch Manager, and by golly, you DON'T cross her.  Cricket is a firm, benevolent dictator; she won't hit you hard unless you hit first or ignore her commands.
The youngster learned that a bit on Monday.  Especially Chelsea and Gerry.  The three youngsters stood back and watched, and hopefully took notes, because they go into the working arena this weekend, for real.
Chelsea and Cricket face off
 Cricket keeps giving her a chance to go back to the group.  Chelsea (Ruffie's daughter, BTW), foolishly stands her ground.  She's nowhere near as spoiled as her mom
 STILL not getting it, but she will.  Quickly.  From here on out, the pix are really not in order, but you get the gist of how things went.

 Got her moved, but then, she comes back for more
 At this point, Gerry had moved out away from the action.  Cricket does not like her stock scattered
 10.5 years old, and still got her super strong eye
 Gerry is about to get his brakes checked.  She may be old, but she's still fast
 Chelsea getting taught a lesson while the rest of the class watches, probably glad it's not them.  Yet

While we were in the working arena, they all came back down to the gate (just out of the shot on the left).  All Cricket had to do was walk here and they moved out right smartly.

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