Saturday, July 2, 2016

Rosie On Course

It was time for Rosie and Dale to graduate to the big, ASCA regulation working arena, so last week, they did.  It went, at first, as to be expected.  The sheep figured out they had tons of room to run now, as did Rosie, and they all had a jolly good time that first out, at least until all parties got tired enough to settle down and start working.
These shots are from her second out.  Dale isn't actually saying much to her; he doesn't have to.  Unlike Cricket and I, who are probably going to get our butts handed to us in September by the scrawny little puppy.

 Approaching the second panel.  She's rating on her own, and the sheep are walking, completely under her control
 In most Started runs, the sheep are course trained, the team clears the second panel, and the sheep bolt for the exhaust pen.  No judge will reward THAT behavior.  Rosie, on the other hand, has those lambs under control, even tho it looks like she's a long ways from them.  They want no part of Dale, but even less part of her, thus they are being nice lambs and obeying the one with the big, sharp white teeth, which she has never had to use on them, but they understand the implicit threat there
 Just because Dale wants to set them up correctly, he has her go around and bring them back partway up the fenceline before penning

 This picture is out of order, but I made a complete mess of things trying to put it in order.  Clearing the second panel and heading for home
There really wasn't much to show with the pen except the end, where, without being told, she stays outside the gate and doesn't follow them in.  This little morsel has incredible talent at only 7 months old!

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