Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 15th Birthday!

A great big 'Happy Birthday' to our 3 remaining Chaps X Catera II kids, Siege, Cooper and River!!
 Siege as a baby.  One look and you knew he'd be trouble!

 Siege around age 13
 Birthday boy Siege celebrates his 15th!

 Cooper as a baby.  I don't have any updated pix from Monica and family, unfortunately

You just know that boy is spoiled to the max!
 Sweet River as a baby.  Unfortunately, her original home went thru a breakup, and subsequently, she was rehomed with a researcher from UC Davis.  When he returned with his family to New Zealand, she of course went with, and got her own enormous sheep station to play on.  She still does, but only around the home paddock these days
 Ho, Catera, Jazzee, big bro Neo (just turned 16!!) on the step, Morgan and baby River
Ho Dog and River, when she came back to me for rehoming, around age 2 I believe

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