Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Driving Miss Cricket

With Nationals fast approaching, I've been working with Cricket for two reasons.  One, she HATES sheep.  And two, Cricket doesn't fetch, which is what will be expected of her in Started.  She drives.  She can drive the course in any direction without me saying much of anything at all.  But fetching - that, so far, is proving to be a disaster of epic proportions. 
By September, I hope to have a plan in place.  I've already conceded to Team Dasie (Dale and Rosie); they are gonna kick our (and probably everyone else') butts.
 I'm taking these from a fairly long ways away, by the pens, and cropping them down so you can actually see that this is an old dog and 4 wether lambs.  She approaches, and waits for them to move before she heads to the drive position.  On her own, BTW
 Moving into the drive position.  She's got them; they have no intention of bolting for the far end of the arena
 She hates sheep.  Really. 
 Drifting back to just bump the flight zone enough to keep them moving without causing them to flee
 On the cross drive, keeping them on the fenceline and moving at a good pace

 They balked, so she shifted position.  I still haven't said a word
Moving again, nice pace.  The rest of the shots were not very exciting, even less so than these, and shot into the sun, thus not very good.

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