Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Dog Breaking the Calves

Last Friday, the calves had calmed down from their post weaning madness, and it seemed like a great time to go ahead and introduce them formally to Cricket, their new kindergarten teacher.
It took maybe 3 minutes for the calves to figure out that there is safety in numbers, and don't make the little red dog mad or else it could be painful.  Cricket grouped them together nicely and had them moving quietly thru the ASCA A and B courses with zero problems.  The occasional look back at her from one or two of the calves, and she used her powerful eye, inherited from the Red Baron side of the family, to convince them 'tis better to move than to stare.
 Cross drive to the second panel, Course 'B'.  Danny, the silver bull, tried to go around the front of the panel, but as you can see, Cricket nicely made him move back to the other side
 Eyeing the balky ones thru, then going to the fence to pick up the stragglers.  I'm not saying a word

 Pushing thru distractions.  That's momma Millie, Dart's mon, on the other side staring her down, and Roar, up close to the fence.  They've been weaned 6 days at this point
 Patience in teaching new calves to do what the dog is telling them to do is so rare
A job well and truly done as the last calf clears the panel

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