Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sybil's Revenge

Danny the bull calf has the typical young bull calf swagger.  One of his fave things is to tease the dogs, especially Sybil, thru the fences and gates.  I kept telling him that if he wasn't careful, Sybil would have her revenge for that some day.  Typical teenage guy, that just made him step up the torment a few notches.  Teenage guys can be pretty bull-headed that way (I was going to say stupid, but that might offend someone).
Then one day Sybil and I were in the puttputt, doing some weed work or something down at the bottom of the north pasture.  The cows of course came running down to where we were, anticipating that we would have a 1 tonne tote of the good feed and several large bales of fresh hay (we of course, had neither) for them.
And then Danny saw Sybil, and swaggered over to the puttputt.  Big mistake.  His pal Dart came with him, but being a heifer (girl) calf, she wasn't dumb enough to make as close an approach as he did.
The end result was that I knew I wasn't going to be able to keep Sybil in the puttputt.  I didn't even try.  That big boy took off, yelling for mom at the top of his lungs.  Momma Joy (the silver cow at about 11 o'clock) took off running after them, but Sybil managed to get a few heel hits on Danny before I called her off.
The cows have since been moved to the south pasture, where Danny doesn't get the chance to tease the dogs any more.  Little does his know that once the calves are weaned in July, they will become our practice pen for our Nationals dogs, Rosie and Cricket.
I may let Sybil dog-break them.  Just for fun.

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