Friday, June 24, 2016

Hay Maker

Rosie poses with four of the six 1000+ pound round bales Frank delivered a few mornings ago. 

Nak Snack Attack!!

A young woman, whom I knew as a wee lass who lent her services to socializing puppies for me starting when she was 4 years old - in 1993 - has started a new enterprise, that is worth anyone with a super chewer checking out.
The HellHounds sure enjoyed them!

 The girls share one, even tho they all have their own
Even 13 year old Hoke took hold of one and wouldn't share.  But then again, he thinks sharing anything of his evil

Of Reluctant Water Dogs and Tractors

Still playing with the uploading from the phone lessons.  Found some more dog shots that popped up this time that didn't last time.
 After a good session with the sheep, the oldest Started trialing dog in ASCA reluctantly cools off about as much as she can force herself to
 Rosie takes charge of Big Orange

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Next Gen PuttPutt Dogs

Still trying to figure out the new system for getting pix off the phone and onto the blog.  Seems I was making it much harder than it needed to be, as it turned out that rather than upload from camera to DropBox, and from there to heaven knows where - I just went thru the entire dog folder on DB and renamed everything, but now I have no idea where they all went - all I had to do was upload directly from the phone.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Once Rosie discovered she was big enough to get into the stock tanks, she seemed to always be wet
 'Excuse me, but someone has placed flower baskets in my personal tub'
 Cue the theme from 'Jaws'
 'Hundred gallon tank?  Killer goldfish?  No problem!'

Gate Guardian

Rosie guards the north pasture gate against the barbarian calves

Doing What Rosie Does Best

Looking adorably cute while destroying something

Crouching Border Collie....

...Hidden Aussie.
Gem the BC peeks over the hill in the north pasture.  Out of sight behind her, waiting for her to move even a hair, is Sybil

Jan and Rosie Playdate

Don came by with Jan a while back, and her and Rosie had a great time, playing with each other and trying to get to the calves that were just on the other side of the fence, teasing them unmercifully. 

 'I love you.  Will you take me home?'

 Annnnd, there's Danny, doing what Danny does best
 'Really, I love you!  Please take me home with you!!'
Jan, with Roar in the background, sunning himself

Sybil's Revenge

Danny the bull calf has the typical young bull calf swagger.  One of his fave things is to tease the dogs, especially Sybil, thru the fences and gates.  I kept telling him that if he wasn't careful, Sybil would have her revenge for that some day.  Typical teenage guy, that just made him step up the torment a few notches.  Teenage guys can be pretty bull-headed that way (I was going to say stupid, but that might offend someone).
Then one day Sybil and I were in the puttputt, doing some weed work or something down at the bottom of the north pasture.  The cows of course came running down to where we were, anticipating that we would have a 1 tonne tote of the good feed and several large bales of fresh hay (we of course, had neither) for them.
And then Danny saw Sybil, and swaggered over to the puttputt.  Big mistake.  His pal Dart came with him, but being a heifer (girl) calf, she wasn't dumb enough to make as close an approach as he did.
The end result was that I knew I wasn't going to be able to keep Sybil in the puttputt.  I didn't even try.  That big boy took off, yelling for mom at the top of his lungs.  Momma Joy (the silver cow at about 11 o'clock) took off running after them, but Sybil managed to get a few heel hits on Danny before I called her off.
The cows have since been moved to the south pasture, where Danny doesn't get the chance to tease the dogs any more.  Little does his know that once the calves are weaned in July, they will become our practice pen for our Nationals dogs, Rosie and Cricket.
I may let Sybil dog-break them.  Just for fun.

Attack Sheep

Last weekend, Dale picked up a new ewe, named Josie.  All the dogs gave her the once over and went 'yeah, okay, not a real sheep' and went on about their business (sleeping and mooching treats).
Not Rosie.  She took a look, took another look, then went to her default 'I don't know what the heck that is so I'm gonna bark my head off at it'.  She's 6 months old.  This is normal.
Eventually she took a hint from the rest of the hounds and ignored it

 When in doubt, fall back and bark...
...Then go see if it's edible