Saturday, March 5, 2016

Ranch Visit Take Two

About a week or so ago I was finally able to drag my mother up to the ranch to meet Rosie. It's apparent that bit-by-bit Rosie is coming out of her shell as this time she voiced her trepidation about the scary photographer with a weird looking contraption to her face. Mom was just as enamored as I was about Rosie. Dusty complained she was in her ugly phase, but I disagree. 
Get that camera away from me!
Hold me, Momma.

Once she relaxed I got a few decent pictures of her. Those ears in the first one!

And playing with Sybil with her mini shark teeth... 

The rest of the visit was spent tearing around with her bucket acting like a complete monkey of a dork dog.

The last two picture are probably my favorite from the day. 

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