Tuesday, March 1, 2016

First Visit to the Pacific Ocean

Last Saturday, we tooled out to Yachats (pronounced 'YAH hots') to our fave eatery, The Adobe.  We caravanned with our good pals Carla and Trent, along with their daughter Jess and son-in-law Roy.  Jess and Roy brought their adorable 19 week old Corgi puppy Winnie as well.  Rosie and WinWin hit it off quite fine, considering all the distractions that abounded.  It was the first visit to the ocean for both puppies.  Sybil was along to keep Rosie company while we gorged ourselves on bacon waffles and Southwest Verde breakfast sandwiches, along with The Adobe's famous Crack Cocaine Coffee.  That's what Carla dubbed it the very first time she ever had it, and that's what we have called it ever since.  Rich, dark, French press coffee served with freshly whipped REAL cream, sugar lumps and cinnamon sticks - truly heaven in a cup.
Then we went and fetched the hounds for their first ever view of the Pacific Ocean.  Took scads of pix of course.  By the time we headed home, Rosie was pretty mellowed out and slept the entire 2 hour trip (we took the long way, south to Florence and then to Veneta and from there back home).
 Sybil - 'Hey, there's a bird!!  Let me GO!!'
 Rosie - 'Oh hey, there's a bird!!'

 Rosie cozies up to Jess while Winnie and Sybil exchange pleasantries
 Sybil's a little concerned we're going to go down to the water without her

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  1. hehe, waiting for the picture with the big wave about to break.