Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Short Session Series

Dale took a great short series of shots of Cricket and her ducks making a turn.  BTW, Cricket does not fetch ducks.  Cricket drives ducks

Ducking the Issue

A few weeks ago, our vet tech pal AJ brought us a group of Muscovy ducks.  The plan was to dog break them with Cricket and Gem the BC for Rosie to start out on.
These ducks are BIG.  REALLY big.  They aren't aggressive at all, which is nice, and other than one lone ranger, they group and move nicely, if a bit slowly.  Gem had the first go on them; in typical Border Collie fashion, she started out stalking them with that eye of hers, but found out that they didn't really respond much to that, so she actually had to move to get them to do her bidding.  Next up was Cricket.  Neither dog has been on ducks since 2012, so there was a learning lag for ducks, dogs and handlers, but in the end, Cricket was getting back into the groove.  I say that, knowing that next to sheep, ducks are her very least fave type of stock to work.  If there's nothing else, she'll do it, but under duress.
 10 years old.  A bit chubby.  A little creaky.  Hates ducks.  Still worked them.  That's my girl, Cricket!

 Yes, those are shorts.  And sunshine.  A rare treat, one we Northwesterners exploit with gusto
 If she got pushy, they got flappy

 Those of you who know are already saying 'Yep, this isn't gonna work out very well'
 It's okay, she got it back together
 "Seriously, what part of 'I hate ducks' did you not understand?"
 "Fine.  You happy?"
 This guy will probably go down the road.  He doesn't hang with the others even when not being worked
If that doesn't look like a dog going to the vet, I don't know what does

Monday, March 14, 2016

Jan Comes to Visit Rosie

Don, back from his yearly sabbatical in Vegas, stopped by to meet Rosie and introduce her to Sybil's sister Jan.  A good time was had by the canine contingent; the human contingent was kinda freezing to death watching them play.
 Jan and Rosie and Don

 The Three Buttmigos.  Hard to believe Jan and Sybil are not only full sisters but from the same litter!
 'Hi.  I love you.  Can I come home with you?'

'What?  I'm not supposed to be where?'  I missed the next shot, which was of Rosie launching out of the pot and over Jan's back

Rosie and BFF Bree

On Sunday, vet tech and pal AJ, along with her son Buddy and Rosie's BFF from puppy class, Border Collie puppy Bree, drove up with a load of Muscovy ducks for Rosie.  As soon as we got the ducks settled in their new home, it was time to let the dogs out.
Rosie played Bree into the ground (Bree is a few weeks younger) and then went looking for her other Border Collie chew toy Gem.
Most of the pix didn't come out.  It was fairly dark, what with the clouds and late evening light, and tracking two blackish missiles caroming around the yard was just a bit too much to ask of the camera.  I know most of the shots below aren't very in focus, but they were just too cute to throw out.
 Let the games begin!!
 Rosie does her Lipizzaner imitation 
 Bree's tail just cracks me up.  Come to think of it, so does Rosie's nub

 Sorry.  It's the tail thing again

 Bree braces as Rosie launches

 Now there's an ugly face!
 Those two speed demons were running flat out as fast as they could and then whipping a U-turn on a dime, leaving 8 cents in change

 Crouching Aussie, Hidden Border Collie

 Took me a few minutes to find Bree's face here

Synchronized sniffing

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sybil Tags Out

Only 5.5 years old, Sybil is still hard pressed to keep up with the likes of tiny demon dog Rosie for as long as Rosie has the energy.  Thus, she tags out by hitting the couch or the dog donut bed once Rosie gets put into her crate for some down time.
You can even hear Sybil heave a great sigh of relief when that time comes....

 Just a nice head shot of Sybil's dad, Hoke, who has zero tolerance for the demon puppy thus never gets as worn out as the other three dogs