Sunday, February 21, 2016

Rosie's First Packwalk

Can you believe it's been a MONTH since we came home with Rosie?
She was doing so well, we figured it was time for a short, full pack packwalk.  Just a few laps around the park, not the full on 2 mile packwalk.  Not quite yet

Team Shelwyn Does It Again!

I'm a bit behind on posting to any of the blogs, but finally found these in my inbox.
Rowyn added an AKC TD to his list of accomplishments a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, his first TDX test didn't go quite as hoped for, but he's young and has plenty of time.
Good thing Shelly has plenty of patience, too!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Best Buds

Who would have thought 10 year old Cricket would be the best buddy of a 10 week old Rosie?
They are like this - ALWAYS

And, we have puppy launch, as usual

Monday, February 8, 2016

Rosie Photo Dump!

And, of course, for the main event! Rosie! I don't know what Dusty was talking about, this 'devil incarnate puppy' business. She was a doll, and way too much fun to photograph!

Those Ears!
Must..kiss.. mamma!
Daddy's girl
That little tongue!

Cricket putting Rosie in her place. No worries though, these two are besties.

Black Walnut silliness

Black Planting Pot. Best toy money could ever buy

Bucket Head!

Friendly Fighting

Baby Animal Photo Dump

Hey guys, this is Anna. I was able to get away for a few hours on friday and was met with not only little Rosie, but also a newborn calf and a set of twin lambs to photograph. I figured no one would mind a few pictures of things other than dogs.

Millie (Milly?) and her new baby.
Protective Mamma

And the twin lambs

Add caption

'Don't touch my baby'

Sleeping Cute
Another Mamma with one of two
Strutting Pretty
Proud Papa of the above lambs

Rosie Photo dump to come next!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

More Rosie

Livin' like she's always been a part of the pack, the little black tri demon in all her blurry glory.  It's hard to get a sharp picture of her; besides the fact that she's about the fuzziest puppy ever, she's never, EVER still
 The aftermath of the pictures below

 There are times when two paw drive is better than four paw drive

 First ride in the puttputt
 This girl has agility and fearlessness in spades!  Balanced on Dale's toes

Monday, February 1, 2016

Canine Gas Molecule

9 weeks old.  Totally part of the pack now.  Even Gem the BC will play with her a little now, and I'm sure Cricket has a lot to do with that - Gem fears Cricket's protectiveness more than anything.
 Learning to wait patiently at the pasture gate for me
 A Cricket, Sybil and Rosie huddle
 10 year old Cricket has so much patience, but isn't afraid to discipline appropriately when needed
Sticking her nose into the lioness' mouth