Thursday, January 28, 2016

One Busy Pup

I was reminded a few times today that there haven't been any pix lately of the newest member of the pack.  So, your puppy fix has been posted!
She's learning like a dry sponge in a monsoon.  Her recall is awesome - 100mph straight as an arrow, complete with the untaught sit right perfectly in front of my legs.  She took on her arch nemesis, the unspooled length of weatherstripping I never did get installed on the greenhouse doors and windows last year.  The first time they met, the weatherstripping took her to school, wrapping itself around a plant and whipping the streaking puppy around like a tether ball.  Today, however, Rosie showed that weatherstripping who was the boss of it.  As well as the piles of dead hollyhock branches I so carefully piled up as I was yanking them.  And the plastic pot she found somewhere.  The green plastic mulch film.  Baling twine used to tie up the tomato plants I removed.  Plastic name tags.  Bamboo support stakes.  Basically, anything and everything I was doing in the garden, she 'helped', usually by grabbing whatever it was and haulin' butt around the garden with it, gleefully showing off her found treasure.  I'm not sure I made as much progress getting the garden cleaned up and ready to plant as I'd hope to accomplish.  But, the end result was one pooped little pooch, and that's always a good thing....
 'Mine.  My plastic pot.'
 She has placed herself squarely into the pack now

 'I got this snake.  I'll protect you, Sybil.'
 'So kid, not sure what the attraction is, but you DO know this isn't a real snake, right?'
 'Don't care.  I've got it, and now it's dead'

One tired little pup!

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