Thursday, January 28, 2016

One Busy Pup

I was reminded a few times today that there haven't been any pix lately of the newest member of the pack.  So, your puppy fix has been posted!
She's learning like a dry sponge in a monsoon.  Her recall is awesome - 100mph straight as an arrow, complete with the untaught sit right perfectly in front of my legs.  She took on her arch nemesis, the unspooled length of weatherstripping I never did get installed on the greenhouse doors and windows last year.  The first time they met, the weatherstripping took her to school, wrapping itself around a plant and whipping the streaking puppy around like a tether ball.  Today, however, Rosie showed that weatherstripping who was the boss of it.  As well as the piles of dead hollyhock branches I so carefully piled up as I was yanking them.  And the plastic pot she found somewhere.  The green plastic mulch film.  Baling twine used to tie up the tomato plants I removed.  Plastic name tags.  Bamboo support stakes.  Basically, anything and everything I was doing in the garden, she 'helped', usually by grabbing whatever it was and haulin' butt around the garden with it, gleefully showing off her found treasure.  I'm not sure I made as much progress getting the garden cleaned up and ready to plant as I'd hope to accomplish.  But, the end result was one pooped little pooch, and that's always a good thing....
 'Mine.  My plastic pot.'
 She has placed herself squarely into the pack now

 'I got this snake.  I'll protect you, Sybil.'
 'So kid, not sure what the attraction is, but you DO know this isn't a real snake, right?'
 'Don't care.  I've got it, and now it's dead'

One tired little pup!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Home at Last

Day two was a beautiful day for winter in the PNW.  Blue skies, sunshine and mid-50's, all very rare and always welcome this time of year.  She spent it learning things like which bushes are the best for romping thru and why it's never a good idea to follow Sybil into the St. John's wort patch (she's too short to see over it).  She got to come out to the barn and meet the Gangsta Girls.  She ran behind me and stood up and wrapped her paws around my legs, peeking out to see if those monster birds were coming for her.  Those hens can be pretty tough on little critters, and every one of them, even Lucy the Welsummer, is bigger than Rosie.
She met Sharon and her big, noisy tractor complete with a huge round bale of cow hay on it, nearly got shocked by the hotwire, walked down to check the pregnant ewes, and romped thru the wet grass.
Mostly, she played with Sybil and took on some mighty sticks under the trees and generally got used to her new home.  Still no accidents in the house, and the crate is getting better (read - less noisy).  Gem is still Gem, but slowly starting to figure out this little morsel isn't going anywhere.
She's very hard to get a picture of; the second you crouch or kneel to take a shot, she launches at your face.  There are a few of those shots below.
Enjoy the pix.  Don't forget to click on the first one to start the slideshow and see them on a big screen if you can.
 Chillin' in the house with Sybil
 She's even looking for the leg with the weight on it for the heel on Sybil
 Launching towards Cricket while Sybil watches and waits for the inevitable outcome
 Sitting pretty.....
 ....and, there's the launch.  No, she has no white on her nose, that's just a reflection

 Sybil 'Uh oh, I think I might have killed it'

 The cute grassface shot....
 ....aaaaand, all four feet in the air

 The standoff

Go big or stay in your highchair says Rosie

The Proud Parents

Hondo and momma Coda.  The pix of Coda aren't all the great; she just wanted to RUN, not sit still and let someone take pictures.  Plus, recently weaning pups mean no coat.

 One last mother-daughter moment together
 Dignified old man Hondo (11 years)

Cut'n'Loose Kennel, Texas

Last Friday, I flew out from Eugene to Dallas and Shelly from SoCal to Dallas so I could pick up the new pup from Jamie of Cut'n'Loose Aussies.  I know that some folks thought it was odd, Shelly flying all the way out there for one day, but hey - that's what we do.
The next morning, after a massive breakfast at the local IHOP in Sherman, we headed for Whitesboro and the puppy posse.  There were two litters, one belonging to Olive by Bull that belonged to an Italian lady that was a week older than Coda's litter by Hondo, parents our new little girl, so it pretty much was puppy pandemonium in the pen.  That was okay by us!
We spent as long as we could before we needed to head for the airport for the return flights.  Before we left, Rosie got her first bath and was quite the champ there, with no fussing at all.  The long car ride was a bit much for her in the beginning, but then she settled in and enjoyed the ride.
Going thru security, it took way longer than it should have, because before and after the screening, I think every TSA agent had to either hold or pet Rosie, as did a few fellow travelers in line.  Shelly meanwhile had gone to return the rental car, then came over and waiting with us, as her flight was two hours later than ours.
Dale generously donated his miles so I could get upgraded to first class (don't do it, you'll never go back to coach!).  Our seatmate was a really nice guy, and Rosie simply slept the entire flight.  In Portland, it was downpouring as usual, and since it was late, Dale let me make the two drive home as it is hard for him to drive in the rain at night.  He had thoughtfully stopped at the pet store just before PDX to stock up on toys and treats for the newest member of the pack.
She slept almost the entire way home, and once she got pottied and settled, we let the dogs in one at a time to introduce her, with her in the safety of her big day crate.  Everyone but Gem the BC was fine with her; Sybil was ecstatic that we brought a new playmate home just for her.  Gem tried her best to get a snap at the pup, but Cricket was having no part of that - she bulldozed Gem to the ground and pinned her more than a few times.  Cricket and Sybil both stick up for little Rosie, but Gem is starting to get better, little by little.  Gem simply hates strange dogs with typical Border Collie intensity.  But when Gem and Rosie are out together, Cricket keeps a close eye on Gem and deftly inserts herself between them as she sees necessary.  Eventually Gem will realize this little girl isn't going anywhere and resign herself to still being the low dog on the totem pole.
We thank Jamie of Cut'n'Loose stockdogs for letting this little morsel join our pack!
 This was the scene upon arrival at Jamie's

 Yes, Aussie pups are quite skilled at levitating
 This little girl from Olive's litter looks so much like Jazzee I almost took her home!

 Another Olive pup.  We nicknamed him 'Big Blue Marble'.  He was a MONSTER!

 Rosie's sister, sweet and gentle Dot.  Dot is available to a low key home
 Cricket used to get that same look as a pup
 'Hmmmm, this looks like a nice, comfy spot to flop'
 Lookin' regal

 Our girl Rosie

 Rosie and Nanook of the North.  C'mon, it was something like 35 degrees!  Heatwave!!

 The red bi in the back looked like a feminine version of Ho Dog
 Run Rosie run!!

 Rosie takes on the rope
 However, the rope wins that round
 'Yeah, that's what I think of THAT'