Sunday, December 25, 2016

Rosie's First Christmas

Technically, it's her second, but she was barely a bit over a month old for her first one.  And, it's her first one with us.
Many more, Rosie, many more!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

From our ranch to your home, we wish you the best of days and hope that your 2017 is all you ever wanted!

 After 11 years, she doesn't need to be asked.  I didn't actually want her in the picture, but when she saw me take up the stance, she trudged over and plopped herself down 'Okay, fine.  Take the picture.  My butt's freezing'
 Christmas morning, two frozen dogs, Cricket and Rosie and 27 degrees
 Christmas Eve oysterfest.  Late afternoon, 30 something degrees, Rosie looking for a warm lap to park her butt
 Rosie's first trip to Camp 18 (, with Sybil
On the way home from Camp 18, in, hmmmm, give me a minute, maybe I'll remember...

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Snow Dogs, 2016

It's been nearly 2 years since we've had snow, so the snow we got on Wednesday, which has stuck around due to it being so cold, was fun, especially for Rosie.  It's her first snow, and she thoroughly enjoyed it!  I only got a few pictures of her, because she simply couldn't sit still long enough
 Sybil's second stump shot.  She jumped up for the first one, slid clean off the other side, landed perfectly, turned around, jumped back up and landed just like this
 She had a blob of snow on her nose, but before I could get the shot..... was gone
 Hoke, posing pretty on the deck
 Cricket with her snowy birdbath hat
Rosie's first snow!  She sat just barely long enough before hauling butt once again

Ice Dancing

Last night, it was 18 degrees out.  But before that a few days, we had our first real freeze of the season.  Not as bad as it would get, but it was Rosie's first, so it was kind of fun, watching her figure things out
 'So, should I tell her or are you going to?'
And, several days later....'The chainsaw.  Fetch it for me so I can show the youngster how to do it right'

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday Rosie!

Tuesday, November 22nd, was Rosie's first birthday.  I'd be remiss in failing to mention that she was lucky to MAKE it that far; at times, it was all I could do to not bung her in a box and ship her butt back to Texas, or down to SoCal!  But, a puppy is a puppy, and I know that, so yeah, she made it to a year.
The cake was enjoyed by all (including humans), and the fuzzy bone she got as a present was destroyed in record time.
For those of you following such things, she has passed all her DNA testing with flying colours.  Paw Print Genetics did the full Aussie profile (except colour; we know she's a red factored black tri) and she is clear of everything.  That's step 1.
Now, she just has to make it to age 2, for her OFA's.  Any more modifications to the back door, and that might prove to be a problem....

Timber Daughter Kenzie

Regina in Germany was kind enough to send along some new pictures of their Timber (Hoke X Cricket) daughter Kenzie, STDc OTDsd, 1 leg ATDd.
Don't forget to click on the first pix to start the slideshow and enjoy!

She Did It!

It was a hard fought battle between Cricket and I leading up to her first trials, at Nationals no less.  The last few weeks before the first trial, I was sure I had made a huge mistake, trying to make a trial dog out of a ranch dog.  All the years of her just doing what she needed to do, with little or no input from me, was proving hard to overcome.
In the end, she showed everyone, including me, that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.  Not only did she qualify on her first and second runs on sheep, she was within 4 points of 4th at Nationals, out of over 60 dogs, AND got her Started Sheep title!  Not only that, but she managed to beat the little pup on ducks to qualify there too.
Guess we'll have to just keep going at it, then.....I don't know if a WTCH is in her future - she's 11, and trials are expensive - but who knows?

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Cuteness Overload

Dogs at a Winery

While Shelly and Bill were here this past week with Rowyn and new puppy Reese, we of course had to go do some wine tasting.  Most Oregon wineries are totally dog friendly, and Airlie out by Dallas/Monmouth is no exception, having Rocky and Riley, two old, senile but absolutely lovely Irish Setters available for guests to greet.  Rowyn was a bit uppity, as expected (thanks, daddy Hoke!) but soon realized these two big ol' goofballs were completely harmless.  Reese the puppy, on the other hand, wouldn't even get out of the truck for quite awhile, until she figured out finally that they didn't want to eat her.
 Reese (black), in front of Ro, with Rocky and Riley flanking
 Ro's had enough
 'Really mom?  He's got awful breath.  Why should I be friends with him?'
 Winemaker Elizabeth kindly opened the doors for us, as they were closed that particular day (shame on me for not checking first)

Rosie Learns to Skirt a Fleece

Yeah, if you're not a spinner, you have NO idea what that title means.  Basically, it's taking Willa's (or any fleece from any critter by any name/species), laying it out flat, and picking all the icky, nasty, smelly, gooey and non-spinable bits off of it.
Shelly, who has taken this fleece of Willa's back to SoCal, is a great fleece thingy teacher, and Rosie is a much better student than I

She Jumps, The Missing Pictures

And there they are!  And there she goes!

Monday, October 31, 2016

She Jumps

And, she jumps a lot more, but the other 6 pix for some reason remain hidden to Blogger at the moment.
After over 10" of rain this month, the rare non-rainy, semi-sunny days found us outside doing stuff.  Some chore type stuff, but some fun stuff too, like dog breaking the summer lambs, and teaching Rosie to jump.
Start with 10 dollar store baskets (total investment, $30 because who goes to the dollar store and only spends $10?), two random slats of wood and two pieces of PVC pipe.  Start with just two jumps.  Sit puppy at the first jump, walk to the last, set up camera, and call.  This was the result.

The pictures still on the phone are of Rosie doubling down.  From doing two jumps, I went straight to four.  And, if the final jump hadn't been offset so much (if the picture would upload, you'd see what I was talking about), she would have easily done all four.
Now, if only I could remember even a Novice course.....

Dogs of the Fall

Some very random shots of the Hellhounds as fall rushes into the Pacific Northwest
 The sun came out for the first time in days, just to ruin a cute shot of Sybil and some mums
 Puttputt duty
 Rosie, Branch Manager
 The massive Storm That Wasn't and the full extent of the damage here on the ranch
 Baby, it's COLD outside!
 Maybe that diet is working TOO well for Gem.  Hoke, however, still growled at her as usual
 Yes, that is a cat skeleton in the mouth of the dog skeleton.  Nice touch, don't you think?
Sybil enjoys a rare bit of sun