Monday, October 26, 2015

Rowyn - Session 3

There actually was a 4th and 5th session that didn't get any pix taken of, mostly due to either it being nearly dark or the camera lady was on one end of the line and the other camera lady was the target, but by those two last sessions, Ro was thinking clearly about what he needed to do and actually listening to the handler.  He even made a believer out of Georges the ram, who decided that he was a, well, ram and his job was to protect his harem from the red wolf.  Ro wasn't having any of it.  He didn't quite go in for a bite on the nose, but he was right there in Georges face, making sure Georges knew he could if he so wanted to.  Georges believed him.

 Shelly at the helm for the first time this visit

 Georges has to try, yet fail

 Pogo the wily old Navajo-Churro ewe makes a bad decision to try and make a run for it
 There's momma Cricket's eye coming out

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