Monday, October 26, 2015

Rowyn - Session 1

After a few days to get acclimated to his birthplace in the fall (think cold and rainy, with a few sunny and warm days thrown in for fun), it was time to trick the sheep into the round pen and turn (sorta) the red tornado loose on them.
It took several sessions, as it had been a few years since he was on any kind of stock (and that was dwarf goats with a mind of their own), but by the 4th session, he was really doing a great job for a hot young dog
 Dale takes him for a spin on the motley group of sheep
 Nice job reading the heads on the breakaway group and stopping them in their tracks!
 Georges the ram and senior ewe Twyla test the youngsters mettle.  Don't see him back down, do ya?

 Watching the leaders and slowing the pace
 Nice job waiting out straggler Twyla
 No problem at all going straight into the heads when asked
 Nor any problem eyeing them up to slow the pace

Rating on a loose line while the sheep calmly walk away, Georges the ram in the lead

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