Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Sad Faces of Gem the BC

In the house.  Sleeping on a soft blanket on a carpeted floor.  And still the sad face....


It's just the way the light hit her this morning, but I just couldn't help myself....Cricket's alter ego (okay, some would argue it's NOT her alter ego)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Stella, Sweep and Taz

It was the day before the parents were supposed to leave for their annual 10 day back-packing excursion, and yet for some reason, Anna and Leslie found themselves at Dusty's in the early morning for a long overdue visit with Stella in tow. Crazy? Definitely. But the Prima-donna got to play with sister Sweep and Sybil and even got to race around with brother Tazz while Leslie, Tim, Jack, Dusty, Dale, Tanya, and Anna all visited and watched the pups race around.

This is the best picture of all of them that I could get.
There was a lack of cooperation on the part of the dogs to sit still
for this family portrait. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Sawyer Comes to Visit

On Sunday afternoon, the kids and Sawyer stopped by before their return home to Las Vegas.  It was great to see them and Sawyer, and things are going well for all of them.  Sawyer was the perfect dog, as always, even to the point of NOT punking Gem the BC.  Tim and Sweep will laugh at the shots of Sawyer and Gem; Tim was just here with Sweep the week before and it was days before Gem finally got punked by Sweep.  In the meantime, the way Gem was shadowing Sawyer should look very, very familiar to Tim and Sweep! 
BTW, Anna has those pictures from the mini reunion we had with Sweep, Tazz, Stella, Sybil and parents and will be posting them whenever she has a free moment, which may be awhile, what with the fires down her way and all....
 Such a handsome, well-built boy!
 Oh that face!!
 Dirty tongue and nose = happy dog
 I don't think Gem realized she was part of the picture.  She was too intent on making sure that if Sawyer so much as blinked, she'd be right there to take care of things

 Substitute a small, very dark red Sweep for Sawyer, and you get a sense of what the poor girl went thru for a week

Monday, August 3, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday!!

How the heck did they get to be 5 years old so fast??
Happy birthday Sybil, Henry, Jan, Riley, Cody, Hank and Tazz!!