Saturday, June 13, 2015

Liv the Rescue Aussie

Last Sunday, I got a call from the daughter in law of a friend.  She had taken an alleged Aussie out of a very bad situation - I could hear her daughter in the background calling her a 'brown tri' - and the dog desperately needed a place to stay and eventually a new home.  The situation - well, let's just say that for some people, retroactive birth control would be a fine solution, and leave it at that.  So the whole family showed up later that afternoon with a very small, washed out red merle girl name of Liv (Livvy).
Livvy is a wonder, given her alleged background.  Smart as a whip, faster than a politician taking a bribe, can jump for miles, LOVES everyone.  Her and Sybil play hard in the maternity pasture, currently empty of large livestock.  The first night I let her out there, it was obviously she'd never been on grass and never allowed to just run her fuzzy butt off, just for the hell of it.  Dale and I spent a couple of hours patiently snipping away the massive, tennis ball sized felted lumps behind her ears, and other than the expected wiggling, she never once offered to bite even tho she had every chance to do so.  Her original rescuer had already done what she could do with the smaller lumps behind her ears and on her butt, which helped a lot.
We already have a wonderful home lined up for her, and hopefully next week she'll be headed to her last home ever!
 Cricket - 'Yes, I might eat her but I'm sure you'd think that was a bad idea, so, in the spirit of being nice, I'll just give her dirty looks occasionally'

Settled into the household routine extremely well, as you can tell

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