Sunday, August 10, 2014

Shae at 15

It's always good to see Shae (Kane X Jazzee 1999) come up for a visit.  Still fit, mostly deaf (or else exhibiting VERY selective hearing, which is probably more the case), and with the occasional stumble and lost look, she still bounds around like a puppy now and then, usually paying the price as when she mistimed a leap for the deck and plowed into the steps instead.  She flopped there for a few seconds, then looked around as if to say 'yeah, I meant to do that' and gathered up her dignity as she sedately climbed up on the deck.
She also channels her grandmother Morgan, as in being the duly designated 'fun police', as in 'NO FUN ALLOWED', at least not while she's in the general area.  Poor Sybil spent the entire 6 days just trying to avoid Shae's  gaze after Shae broke up a fun romp with brother Rowyn on day 1. 
You truly would not know this girl is 15.  Shelly has done a most amazing job keeping her healthy, slim and trim and as fit as possible.  I'm sure Rowyn could take some credit for that as well.
It was great to see the old gal, the last Jazzee offspring.  I'd hope for more visits in the coming years too!
 Nope, not chubby.  Hairy

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