Sunday, August 10, 2014

Reunion 2014

No, it wasn't exactly planned.  It just kinda happened, and it was all Tim's fault.  He was coming by on Tuesday for a few days with son Jack and Sweep for his annual visit.  But even before that, Leslie and Anna (Riley '10 and Stella '12) were coming up for a little visit Wednesday.  I mentioned to Shelly that Tim was coming up, and she decided to do a spur of the moment trip up with Shae (15) and Rowyn ('12).  So, I kinda didn't tell either Tim or Leslie about that.  Shelly and her gang arrived Monday mid day, Tim arrived Tuesday evening (and was surprised indeed) but the best was when Leslie, Anna and Stella showed up Wednesday morning.  Priceless, totally priceless!  Needless to say, a good time was had by most; Queen Bee Shae was really not having much to do with those youngsters and I don't blame her in the least.  But, we managed a few pictures without her, much to her relief.  Shelly and I think that Anna's camera must have been broken or she forgot to take the lens cap off because I actually got pictures posted before she did.
Tim and his crew left on Thursday for Seaside and a visit with Tim's dad, and Shelly and her gang of two departed this morning for San Diego.  It was, as always, a wonderful visit with everyone.
I promise next time there will be planning involved as well as invitations.
Don't forget to click the pix to start the slideshow.  I threw in some outtakes as well, just for fun
 Sweep ('12), momma Cricket, daddy Hoke, Sybil ('10), Stella ('12), Rowyn ('12)

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  1. 'Forgot to take the lens cap off'? Forgot to take the lens cap off?! What do you take me for?! You try getting getting the light right with one (mostly) white dog surrounded by a bunch of (civilized) brown pups! :P It ain't easy!