Sunday, August 31, 2014

Flower Girl

This morning, after finishing up the a.m. watering, Sybil came wandering over to see if maybe I'd have time to go get some treats from the house.  I do know that I only have one white petunia, and where it's at, it's a mystery how she managed to get one flower to position itself on her head like this, but I assure you, I did NOT put it there.
She goes to great lengths to prove how doofy she is every day.  This might just be the topper.  It was a fair bit before she finally shook her head and lost her flower child persona.  In the meantime, she just couldn't help being cute and I couldn't help taking her picture being cute and doofy at the same time.  Apologies for the number of pictures, but click on the first to enjoy a good laugh

 Momma Cricket, laughing her butt off

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