Sunday, August 31, 2014

Flower Girl

This morning, after finishing up the a.m. watering, Sybil came wandering over to see if maybe I'd have time to go get some treats from the house.  I do know that I only have one white petunia, and where it's at, it's a mystery how she managed to get one flower to position itself on her head like this, but I assure you, I did NOT put it there.
She goes to great lengths to prove how doofy she is every day.  This might just be the topper.  It was a fair bit before she finally shook her head and lost her flower child persona.  In the meantime, she just couldn't help being cute and I couldn't help taking her picture being cute and doofy at the same time.  Apologies for the number of pictures, but click on the first to enjoy a good laugh

 Momma Cricket, laughing her butt off

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Out Cold

Outside temperature - 88 degrees
Bedroom temperature - 68 degrees

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Up The Creek

Without a doggie paddle. Rowyn, getting used to hanging out in a kayak.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Rowyn at 2 Years

For everyone who remembers Ro as the goofy looking, skinny, gangly 'Are you SURE that's an Aussie?' red dog with the Yoda ears, prepare to be amazed at the transformation.  Well, except for the goofy part.  He and big sister Sybil spent a whole lotta time trying to out-goofy each other
 Long morning shadows are kinda fun to play with

 A masculine Cricket head here

Hyper as always

Shae at 15

It's always good to see Shae (Kane X Jazzee 1999) come up for a visit.  Still fit, mostly deaf (or else exhibiting VERY selective hearing, which is probably more the case), and with the occasional stumble and lost look, she still bounds around like a puppy now and then, usually paying the price as when she mistimed a leap for the deck and plowed into the steps instead.  She flopped there for a few seconds, then looked around as if to say 'yeah, I meant to do that' and gathered up her dignity as she sedately climbed up on the deck.
She also channels her grandmother Morgan, as in being the duly designated 'fun police', as in 'NO FUN ALLOWED', at least not while she's in the general area.  Poor Sybil spent the entire 6 days just trying to avoid Shae's  gaze after Shae broke up a fun romp with brother Rowyn on day 1. 
You truly would not know this girl is 15.  Shelly has done a most amazing job keeping her healthy, slim and trim and as fit as possible.  I'm sure Rowyn could take some credit for that as well.
It was great to see the old gal, the last Jazzee offspring.  I'd hope for more visits in the coming years too!
 Nope, not chubby.  Hairy

Still Got It

Call her a feisty 15, but Shae can still put the pup in his place

Rowyn (and Cricket) on the River

With major apologies to both Shelly and everyone who ever covered that song.  Rowyn and momma Cricket pose in some beautiful scenery along Highway 34 on the way to Waldport on the coast Tuesday morning.
Click the pix and see this on a big screen otherwise it really does lose some of the magic and beauty


Some family shots for your enjoyment.  Don't forget to click the first pix to start the slideshow!
 Sybil (4), Cricket (8.5), Rowyn (2), Shae (15)

 Family portrait.  Rowyn, Sybil, momma Cricket, daddy Hoke
 It was a pretty picture of Sybil, so I left it in

Reunion 2014

No, it wasn't exactly planned.  It just kinda happened, and it was all Tim's fault.  He was coming by on Tuesday for a few days with son Jack and Sweep for his annual visit.  But even before that, Leslie and Anna (Riley '10 and Stella '12) were coming up for a little visit Wednesday.  I mentioned to Shelly that Tim was coming up, and she decided to do a spur of the moment trip up with Shae (15) and Rowyn ('12).  So, I kinda didn't tell either Tim or Leslie about that.  Shelly and her gang arrived Monday mid day, Tim arrived Tuesday evening (and was surprised indeed) but the best was when Leslie, Anna and Stella showed up Wednesday morning.  Priceless, totally priceless!  Needless to say, a good time was had by most; Queen Bee Shae was really not having much to do with those youngsters and I don't blame her in the least.  But, we managed a few pictures without her, much to her relief.  Shelly and I think that Anna's camera must have been broken or she forgot to take the lens cap off because I actually got pictures posted before she did.
Tim and his crew left on Thursday for Seaside and a visit with Tim's dad, and Shelly and her gang of two departed this morning for San Diego.  It was, as always, a wonderful visit with everyone.
I promise next time there will be planning involved as well as invitations.
Don't forget to click the pix to start the slideshow.  I threw in some outtakes as well, just for fun
 Sweep ('12), momma Cricket, daddy Hoke, Sybil ('10), Stella ('12), Rowyn ('12)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Rowyn's First Camping Trip

I don't know why it took so long, but Roywn finally made it on a camping trip. It was only car camping. Considering all the coming and going he really did pretty well, and only woofed once or twice the entire time. He loved sleeping in the tent and would try to hop in anytime the door was open. And he really loved that we all slept on the ground. In fact, he'd made it a point to snuffle in our faces several times a night, just to show how pleased he was.