Thursday, June 26, 2014

More Timber X Dala Pups

All girls, all the time.  Around 11 weeks

 Yuma, above and below

 A typical breakfast for a puppy
Rune and sister McKenzie

Timber Daughter Rune on Sheep

Janina from Germany sent me a great set of pictures of the very first Timber litter, out of their blue merle bitch Dala.  The shots below are of Rune at 11 weeks old, a red bi bitch that Janina and her mother Regina are considering keeping. 
Don't forget to click the pix to start the slideshow!

And now we know that the funky ear thing comes from our side of the family.  Rowyn, you have a twin sister in Germany!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Where's The Beef?

Picked a big ol' head of fresh lettuce for the salad yesterday, along with some snow and sugar snap peas.  Cricket helped, of course.  The lettuce - not much interest.  But she knows about peas.  It's our fave breakfast in the mornings when watering the veggie garden - fresh picked peas and strawberries along with 'Fall Gold' golden raspberries
 'Alright, where did you hide the peas and strawberries?'
'Seriously, there's nothing but grass in here.  Where's the good stuff?'

Cricket Schools Alfie

It was time for the yearly clean out of the feederbunks, and it only requires two people, a tractor and a pitchfork.  No too-big-for-his-britches yearling bull needed to help.  After about 15 minutes of me chasing him out of the bunks so he wouldn't get run over by the tractor or end up getting into the barn, I'd had enough.  It was Cricket Time.  It took three tries for the concept to soak into his testosterone soaked brain, but finally, it did.  And then Cricket could go back to trying to rout one of the barn cats
Cricket - "Really, it's not hard.  Don't drop your head at me, I won't tag you on the nose.  Repeatedly."
 "That's more like it.  Show me some respect and I won't have to hurt you."
 Second time around.  He figured it out as soon as she came out the barn door and decided to leave on his own