Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Cricket was in the mood to do some schooling this morning.  Here, she's teaching Bridgette the 3 month old heifer calf on why you do not approach an 8 year old dog that is clearly stating that you should not approach her.
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 Phase 1.  Bridgette cautiously looks at Cricket, properly in a down that she was told to hold (somewhat of a miracle, that)
 Pretty bold when Cricket's not really looking at her
 All Cricket did was turn her head to look at Bridgette and you would have thought she'd been stung on the nose by a bee, she jumped back so quick
 Sideways look

 A bit harder look as Bridgette gets braver and closer
 The oh so typical Cricket warning look - 'You are TOO CLOSE'
And very appropriate, Cricket merely gets up and reminds Bridgette who really is the boss - 300# of heifer calf, not really.  45# of red tri Aussie - yeah, that one

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