Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Outtakes 2013

Dale's job is to run his camera (yes, he used his camera, the Nikon D7000) and take as many embarrassing shots as possible before ending up with a few good ones that I can actually send along to people.
Setting 4 dogs up for a Christmas card shot is always challenging, especially when one (Gem the BC) regards the camera as an evil creature bent on having her for lunch if she is within striking range; another one, Cricket, thinks I really mean it when I'm standing behind Dale yelling 'Cookies!' to get their attention; Sybil the puppy who thinks my yelling at Cricket to lay down is totally directed at her and thus she must flee before something bad happens; and then there is Hoke, who faces the camera as a condemned man faces his executioner. 
These are all pretty big picture files, best viewed on a big screen.  Don't forget to click the first one to start the slideshow, and enjoy!
 The obligatory big butt shot 'Moon Over My Puppies"
 Followed by the amazing green footstool.  Now you see it..... you don't!
And, that is followed by the ultra rare appearance of Gem the BC - almost in the picture but poised to flee at the first sign the camera is coming for her
 Would have been the perfect shot, except Sybil lay down in front of the empty Santa suit honouring Ho Dog
 It's 14 degrees out.  My goal was to not have a ton of dog and people tracks in the snow in front of the poo flinger.  Also noticed the gnarly 'reindeer' shadow on the roof of the red barn.  Gem spotted the camera, thus she's removing herself from danger
 Alright, let me get the heck out of the picture while all four dogs are still in it - oops, sorry there Hoke, didn't see ya behind Cricket and didn't mean to trip over you!
Sybil, when I said 'Stay HERE', that meant 'Stay HERE'.  And why the heck is Cricket facing the poo flinger anyway?  The cookies are in my pocket
 Alright, now that everyone is in place and lying down nicely, I'll make my exit.  Well, guess not EVERYONE remained lying down nicely.  Where the heck did Gem disappear to again?  And does Sybil think she's one of the reindeer, only facing the wrong way?

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  1. Oh man! Gem is making me laugh so much. Especially in those 3rd and 4th pictures.