Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Dog's Badder Than Yours

Some of you know that I just got back from Wisconsin yesterday after 5 days there.  My mom passed away last Saturday, so we had a ton of stuff to do.  While I was gone, Sybil apparently felt the need to express how much she missed me.  The eating a hole in the couch was just one of a series of small, spiteful things she did in a 35 minute period when Dale left her in the house, but it was probably the most costly.
At least Stella can play the 'puppy card'.  3 year old Sybil cannot.  Thus, that makes her a badder dog than her little sister


  1. Yikes! Talk about being in the doghouse!

  2. Oh jeez. I'll have to agree with the title on this one. Good luck on getting that repaired.