Monday, September 2, 2013

Sawyer & Stella Playdate

So, as the title suggests, I loaded Stella up, and went to visit Sawyer and the rest of the gang on Saturday. Boy oh boy were Stella & Sawyer happy to see each other. It had been more than a few months since they had a chance to have a play date, and they quickly got to romping around the run.
Sibling Portrait. Interesting the difference between the male vs. female build.  Sawyer is such a handsome pup.


I know this is a bad picture but I loved Stella's pose.

I love Sawyer in this shot.

Stella's face is absolutely terrifying here. Made more prominent by her very pink nose and blue eyes.
Brotherly Love <3
Then it was time to cool off. Stella was having none of Sawyer's Shenanigans, and wasn't about to step a dainty paw into that water trough. Prima Donna much?
 Then, it was time for more playtime!

Stella decided this was her toy, and she wasn't about to let it go easily. She started snarling at Sawyer when he tried to grab it, as demonstrated here. Sawyer decided to let her have it. 

Tug of war

Oh my gosh, those ears! Haha. Probably one of my favorite shots of Mr. Sawyer.

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