Monday, September 23, 2013

Rowyn on the River

Or, Ro Ro Ro your boat. Take your pick. By now, you should have one of those 2 songs in your head.

Last week, Rowyn and I went to Idaho to visit my brother. He lives at the southern end of the Teton Valley, just over the pass from Jackson, Wy. While we were visiting, we went for a float trip on the Snake River. I took Lots of Pictures, mostly of my dog. Here are some of my favorites;
Ready for the trip

Is it time to pee on something yet?
What fun is it if you can jump out and pee on everything?
Going over the rough patches didn't seem to bother Rowyn any. But once in a while, he'd get up and look.
Water bumps!
On the lookout for trout!
Or Birds!
And here is a shot of Rowyn and his best buddy, Blu the Husky puppy. Rowyn is trying to figure out where the fish stringer is, so he can steal the trout.

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