Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sweep Pictures!

Hey guys, Anna here.
I could not believe my eyes when I went up on Thursday with Princess Stella, and saw Sweep. I hadn't seen any pictures of her since she was... 6 months, about? And even then, it wasn't of her standing. She looks like a jackal. Lanky, leggy, super slim.. she's smaller than Stella, but but has her female build, with a longer nose, and has Rowyn's legginess and ears. Oh, I swear she has the longest muzzle of the bunch of pups.

She was pretty shy around the dogs, Stella included... It took awhile, but Stella managed to get her out of her shell and play for awhile though. And once she starts barking she doesn't like to stop.

Look at her legs! I love her color, and she has the brightest eyes.

Tim is, what... 6'5? She BARELY comes to his knees.  
Look at that build. Can any of you believe it?

At home in Dale's lap

Happy and relaxed... and safe from the other dogs.

Once again, Look. At. Her. Build!! Also, note: NO PANTALOONS!!

Long nose!

Quick comparison photo, and yes I know Stella is bleached out. But look at Stella compared to Sweep!


  1. too hot in Vegas to grow pantaloons! Thanks for the pics Anna!

  2. Thanks for the photos Anna! I wish I was 6'5"!