Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sweep at a Year

On Wednesday, Tim with his son Jack and his Hoke X Cricket II daughter Sweep stopped by for an overnight on the way back home to Vegas from Tim's dad's place near Astoria (Oregon).  It was so great to see Sweep after a year!  If Tim and Sweep ever get involved in agility, the rest of the dogs might as well retire, because those two would make the killer agility team of all killer agility teams.  Sweep is a lean, muscled leapin' machine!  I know that Tanya and big bro Tazz are awesome, but I think that Sweep might just give Tazz a serious run for the money when it comes to pure speed and jumping ability.
The boys and Sweep had to leave this morning in order to make good time, as Jack starts school next week, but we sat around with Anna and Sweep's sis Princess Stella until Anna had to leave, then Don, Donna and their Hoke X Cricket I daughter and Sweep's almost twin, Jan, arrived and ate oysters (the guys, we girls are way smarter than to eat snail snot), Liza burgers (Jack and I) and enjoyed a fine, warm, late summer evening while Sweep got a little more comfortable with Jan and actually did play a bit.  We always enjoy having the pups and their owners visit, and Tim and I go waaaaaay back to Morgan's time, so it's always great to see him and his son
Big sis Jan, Sweep and Jan's owner Donna

 Just a sweet shot of Jan


Jan, to whom everyone is someone she obviously needs to know (like a very small, quiet version of Ho Dog), cozies up to Jack and his Liza burger


  1. Yeah! Sweep update! Need more pics!

  2. Hey Shelly! I'll be posting Sweep pics tomorrow. Your jaw will drop when you see her! She looks like a Jackal I kid you not!

    Also, girl here who Loves oysters! I wanted some of those!