Saturday, June 29, 2013

More Rowyn on Sheep

An alternate title might be something like 'Pick on Shelly', but meant in a good way.  See, Shelly's never done this before, not really, so unlike us, she doesn't have any bad habit to UNlearn, just good habits to get into.  Thus, this series of pictures, of which some of will be repeats of what Anna posted, will be useful to show how to start a dog and handler on stock.
No dogs, sheep or people were injured excepting a little nip to Rango the ram lamb's tail tip, and even that was more that it got in the way of a totally appropriate heel to control his desire to split off from the two older ewes.
Shelly prepares to loose the hound, with a stern talking to.  Total teenager that he is, you can tell he's not listening to her one tiny bit

Shelly - go to the SHEEP, not the DOG.  The sheep would be the three black and white critters BEHIND you.  You should be in FRONT of them, so Ro has a target to bring them to

Better!  Shelly's actually looking where she should be instead of watching Ro.  The thing is, by watching your sheep, you'll know exactly where your dog is.  By staying in front of them, he's got a target to bring them to and balance on

Good again.  Shelly's watching Ro, but she is walking towards the heads of the sheep this time

Ro doesn't quite get to balance this time, but Shelly's in the right place!

Dale takes Ro for a spin

Watching where Ro's at, but also in front of the sheep, even tho you are saying that he's off to the side.  But he's still in front and that's where he should be.  He's making himself a target for Ro to try and aim for with sheep as arrows

Love the tail here!  Dale is walking towards the heads of the sheep as Ro goes around and starts turning them.  See the direction Dale is walking?  And see the heads of the sheep turning as Ro comes around behind?  Dale will cover the distance to where the sheep will arrive at a walk by taking the angle

Same thing.  The ram lamb is on the fence, thus Ro goes out wide to pick him up while Dale starts taking the angle to where the sheep will be once Ro picks the ram off the fence and puts his group back together.  Remember, this is a green dog, his third time on stock, first time on sheep.  At 6 weeks, he saw ducks, a few months ago he was on dwarf goats, and now he's on sheep and doing fantastic for such a young dog

Dale walks away from the sheep, causing Ro to go out wide to get behind them and turn them towards Dale

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