Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Instinct Testing -- Tazz

Alright, Tazz wasted no time showing the sheep who was boss when he was let in the pen. He quickly started on them, chasing them from one corner to the next, even taking cornering one on the fence as she reared trying to get him away. He was fast too; the sheep were hard pressed to outrun him. He certainly enjoyed himself, and wasn't to keen on stopping when it was time, but Tanya managed to snag him, and lead him out of the pen. I am sure the sheep were relieved.  Tazz was the only one of the 2010 litter that was instinct tested at the reunion, and he did himself proud.  However, a few years ago at not quite a year old, our stockdog trainer worked him briefly and couldn't say enough good about his instinct and ability as a stockdog.  Way to go Tazz!

Running one of them down

I have no idea what the name of this particular sheep was,
but she was not happy about being cornered and barked at. 

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