Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Instinct Testing -- Sawyer

 Next up, Sawyer. So, of course, the rain had held off most of the day. But as soon as we all decided "Lets take Sawyer out to the sheep" the rain decided to start. And it positively dumped most of the time that Sawyer was in the pen. But this Oregon-Native pup wasn't about to let some rain spoil his fun!

It took him a little bit to really understand the whole concept of "sheep herding"... In the beginning, he tried to play with them, (which was quite adorable) while they stood and (tried) to stare him down. Once Dusty started moving them, it clicked, and he began work the sheep, and once he figured out he could bark at them, and make them move, and he'd be praised, he really had a good time with it.

After the party, owners Brandi & Trevor took him out for a second round, which, from what I heard went even better than the first. According to Trevor, (who Sawyer just about dragged to the pen), Sawyer had a blast the second time around, as it had clicked, and he worked the sheep like a seasoned veteran, barking, tail wagging.

Flossie, the oldest ewe, tries to make a run for it but Sawyer will cut her off and put her back where she belongs
I love this picture because of the similar body positions

Pulling them off the fence

He would stop every so often and look at Trevor & Dusty like "Am I doing this right?"

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