Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Instinct Testing -- Riley

It's been awhile since Rye guy has made his own appearance on this blog. We took him up the day before the party to see Dusty, who he hadn't seen in quite awhile, and to try his paws at some instinct training with the sheep.

Mr. Guy quickly went to work upon stepping into the pen; chasing down the sheep, he'd keep them together, and if one split from the group, he wasted no time putting her back in her place. One of the sheep tried to get at him, but he had none of it, and she quickly realized he meant business. He was pulling them off of the fence left and right. He listened to all of Dusty's commands, not getting to close, but not staying too far off of them either, and blew all four of us out of the water with how natural he was with the sheep without training. (Unfortunately for him, he'll have to work the sheep at Dusty's, because he missed the time period of us having sheep by a few months).

One of my favorite pictures of the session

She was going to head-butt him, and then she realized he meant business, and pulled back.

Rye guy putting Rango the ram lamb back with the group

Now, you all are probably wondering about Stella.. There will be no instinct testing blog post for her, as she was too much of a Prima-Donna little dog to be interested the in the sheep. We put her in the pen, and she sniffed around, glanced at the sheep, and ignored them... She could have given a flying You-Know-What about the damn sheep. However, she did face down one of the cows... we'll take what we can get. ;)

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