Saturday, June 29, 2013

Can't Get Enough Rowyn?

Well then, you're in luck, as I took a lot of pix while he was up here at the ranch!  Coming yearling, long and lanky, faster than light, goofy to the max, and a sheep and a surprise cattle working machine.  See, fellow cattlewoman Sharon, myself and Shelly were having a conversation over the fence down by the working arena with a trailer full of stuff needing to be deposited out in the south pasture for the goat's pleasure when Shelly tried to keep the cows in the maternity pasture from going thru the open gate into the working arena, which is how we get to the south pasture.  Shelly got a bit overwhelmed by the short yearling bull Zenda, his half sister Zazu, a VERY pregnant Ruffie and her pregnant granddaughter Hilda trying to make a break for it thru the open gate.  Enter Rowyn, who in direct violation of his owner's command to stay in the puttputt decided she needed help, thus he bailed out of the puttputt and moved three of the cows away from the gate but Ruffie knows green puppy dog when she sees green puppy dog and just waltzed right into the working arena anyway while he was busy with the other three.  Eventually Shelly and Rowyn managed to get her out of the arena with the help of a bucket that Ruffie thought probably held some goodies for her, but still an impressive showing for a young, green goofy puppy
Big sister Sybil meets Rowyn for the first time since last year

Long, lanky and lean, but plenty powerful and fast doesn't begin to describe the level of speed he's capable of reaching


With daddy Hoke

Trying to figure out how to make the puttputt go, as there are sheep to the left of him, cows in front and he's just got a dilemma trying to figure out which way to go with that, paw on the shifter, trying to get it into high gear

Hmmmmm, maybe cows?  WAY more fun!


  1. Rowyn and Stella need to race each other at some point as soon as Stella stops being such a damn wuss. I have a feeling it would be a close race, with Rowyn finishing in second. ;)

  2. Sweep and Rowyn are definitely related!!