Saturday, June 29, 2013

Siege at 12

Siege, Ho Dog's little brother, who will be 12 years old next week, with his three fave things in life - ball, water and Logan.
Many thanks to owner Trish of California for the pix and also a video which I will play with and try to post for your enjoyment

Can't Get Enough Rowyn?

Well then, you're in luck, as I took a lot of pix while he was up here at the ranch!  Coming yearling, long and lanky, faster than light, goofy to the max, and a sheep and a surprise cattle working machine.  See, fellow cattlewoman Sharon, myself and Shelly were having a conversation over the fence down by the working arena with a trailer full of stuff needing to be deposited out in the south pasture for the goat's pleasure when Shelly tried to keep the cows in the maternity pasture from going thru the open gate into the working arena, which is how we get to the south pasture.  Shelly got a bit overwhelmed by the short yearling bull Zenda, his half sister Zazu, a VERY pregnant Ruffie and her pregnant granddaughter Hilda trying to make a break for it thru the open gate.  Enter Rowyn, who in direct violation of his owner's command to stay in the puttputt decided she needed help, thus he bailed out of the puttputt and moved three of the cows away from the gate but Ruffie knows green puppy dog when she sees green puppy dog and just waltzed right into the working arena anyway while he was busy with the other three.  Eventually Shelly and Rowyn managed to get her out of the arena with the help of a bucket that Ruffie thought probably held some goodies for her, but still an impressive showing for a young, green goofy puppy
Big sister Sybil meets Rowyn for the first time since last year

Long, lanky and lean, but plenty powerful and fast doesn't begin to describe the level of speed he's capable of reaching


With daddy Hoke

Trying to figure out how to make the puttputt go, as there are sheep to the left of him, cows in front and he's just got a dilemma trying to figure out which way to go with that, paw on the shifter, trying to get it into high gear

Hmmmmm, maybe cows?  WAY more fun!

Shae at 14

Just some goofy shots of the last Jazzee daughter (by Kane), owned by Shelly and annoyed by Rowyn in Encinitas, California.  Shae would have gone out and worked sheep and probably cattle, but she was unable to separate herself from Rowyn's new toy

More Rowyn on Sheep

An alternate title might be something like 'Pick on Shelly', but meant in a good way.  See, Shelly's never done this before, not really, so unlike us, she doesn't have any bad habit to UNlearn, just good habits to get into.  Thus, this series of pictures, of which some of will be repeats of what Anna posted, will be useful to show how to start a dog and handler on stock.
No dogs, sheep or people were injured excepting a little nip to Rango the ram lamb's tail tip, and even that was more that it got in the way of a totally appropriate heel to control his desire to split off from the two older ewes.
Shelly prepares to loose the hound, with a stern talking to.  Total teenager that he is, you can tell he's not listening to her one tiny bit

Shelly - go to the SHEEP, not the DOG.  The sheep would be the three black and white critters BEHIND you.  You should be in FRONT of them, so Ro has a target to bring them to

Better!  Shelly's actually looking where she should be instead of watching Ro.  The thing is, by watching your sheep, you'll know exactly where your dog is.  By staying in front of them, he's got a target to bring them to and balance on

Good again.  Shelly's watching Ro, but she is walking towards the heads of the sheep this time

Ro doesn't quite get to balance this time, but Shelly's in the right place!

Dale takes Ro for a spin

Watching where Ro's at, but also in front of the sheep, even tho you are saying that he's off to the side.  But he's still in front and that's where he should be.  He's making himself a target for Ro to try and aim for with sheep as arrows

Love the tail here!  Dale is walking towards the heads of the sheep as Ro goes around and starts turning them.  See the direction Dale is walking?  And see the heads of the sheep turning as Ro comes around behind?  Dale will cover the distance to where the sheep will arrive at a walk by taking the angle

Same thing.  The ram lamb is on the fence, thus Ro goes out wide to pick him up while Dale starts taking the angle to where the sheep will be once Ro picks the ram off the fence and puts his group back together.  Remember, this is a green dog, his third time on stock, first time on sheep.  At 6 weeks, he saw ducks, a few months ago he was on dwarf goats, and now he's on sheep and doing fantastic for such a young dog

Dale walks away from the sheep, causing Ro to go out wide to get behind them and turn them towards Dale

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Instinct Testing -- Riley

It's been awhile since Rye guy has made his own appearance on this blog. We took him up the day before the party to see Dusty, who he hadn't seen in quite awhile, and to try his paws at some instinct training with the sheep.

Mr. Guy quickly went to work upon stepping into the pen; chasing down the sheep, he'd keep them together, and if one split from the group, he wasted no time putting her back in her place. One of the sheep tried to get at him, but he had none of it, and she quickly realized he meant business. He was pulling them off of the fence left and right. He listened to all of Dusty's commands, not getting to close, but not staying too far off of them either, and blew all four of us out of the water with how natural he was with the sheep without training. (Unfortunately for him, he'll have to work the sheep at Dusty's, because he missed the time period of us having sheep by a few months).

One of my favorite pictures of the session

She was going to head-butt him, and then she realized he meant business, and pulled back.

Rye guy putting Rango the ram lamb back with the group

Now, you all are probably wondering about Stella.. There will be no instinct testing blog post for her, as she was too much of a Prima-Donna little dog to be interested the in the sheep. We put her in the pen, and she sniffed around, glanced at the sheep, and ignored them... She could have given a flying You-Know-What about the damn sheep. However, she did face down one of the cows... we'll take what we can get. ;)

Instinct Testing -- Sawyer

 Next up, Sawyer. So, of course, the rain had held off most of the day. But as soon as we all decided "Lets take Sawyer out to the sheep" the rain decided to start. And it positively dumped most of the time that Sawyer was in the pen. But this Oregon-Native pup wasn't about to let some rain spoil his fun!

It took him a little bit to really understand the whole concept of "sheep herding"... In the beginning, he tried to play with them, (which was quite adorable) while they stood and (tried) to stare him down. Once Dusty started moving them, it clicked, and he began work the sheep, and once he figured out he could bark at them, and make them move, and he'd be praised, he really had a good time with it.

After the party, owners Brandi & Trevor took him out for a second round, which, from what I heard went even better than the first. According to Trevor, (who Sawyer just about dragged to the pen), Sawyer had a blast the second time around, as it had clicked, and he worked the sheep like a seasoned veteran, barking, tail wagging.

Flossie, the oldest ewe, tries to make a run for it but Sawyer will cut her off and put her back where she belongs
I love this picture because of the similar body positions

Pulling them off the fence

He would stop every so often and look at Trevor & Dusty like "Am I doing this right?"

Instinct Testing -- Tazz

Alright, Tazz wasted no time showing the sheep who was boss when he was let in the pen. He quickly started on them, chasing them from one corner to the next, even taking cornering one on the fence as she reared trying to get him away. He was fast too; the sheep were hard pressed to outrun him. He certainly enjoyed himself, and wasn't to keen on stopping when it was time, but Tanya managed to snag him, and lead him out of the pen. I am sure the sheep were relieved.  Tazz was the only one of the 2010 litter that was instinct tested at the reunion, and he did himself proud.  However, a few years ago at not quite a year old, our stockdog trainer worked him briefly and couldn't say enough good about his instinct and ability as a stockdog.  Way to go Tazz!

Running one of them down

I have no idea what the name of this particular sheep was,
but she was not happy about being cornered and barked at. 

Instinct Testing -- Rowyn

Alright, I wasn't there for Rowyn's instinct testing, but from what I hear, he did pretty dang well with the sheep. Shelly & Dusty are welcome to edit this blog entry with more details, but for now here are the best of pictures from that event.

Shelly keeping up with Rowyn as he moves the sheep

'Atta boy.

Dale takes a turn with him

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Family Reunion

So, I have a bunch of photos to got through, but for everyone tonight, I'll post the family photo from this afternoon. And a few silly shots:

Family Photo! We're missing a few pups, but from the top right:
Rowyn ('12), Taz ('10), Jan ('10), Sybil ('10), Sawyer ('12), & Stella ('12)
Front right: Mamma Cricket, and Daddy Hoke next to her.

 Here are 3 photos from the other activities of today:

Playtime! Sawyer was bouncing around like crazy. Ro didn't quite know what to make of it. 

Oh those ears.

Sawyer looking like a goofball chasing his frisbee

That's all, folk! More to come soon!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Morgan River Rage Faces

I said...

Lets do a close-up of that face, shall we?

Riley's Terrifying "Rage Face"

Here are a few more pictures of Stella and Riley playing... yes, playing. 

Morgan River sibling playtime. 

See? No Agression.
Stella is just a relentless little shit that doesn't like to stop.


Little Miss Stella

It's been awhile since I posted any pictures of Stella. Now that school is out for the summer (at least for me), I've had time to get some pictures of Stella being her ridiculous self.

The corgi's, as close as they may seem, will never catch Stella for 2 reasons: She's faster, and she can cut like a freaking quarter horse.

Flat out.
She, like Riley is built a bit like a Greyhound,  and she will soon be faster than Rye Guy.