Thursday, May 30, 2013

Laser Guidance

If you ever get a notion to go try your pup on cattle, I would be highly interested in whether or not they have the same eye and intensity as momma Cricket.  Hoke, he's not nearly this subtle, more of a charge right in and get things moving.  Cricket tends to give a sticky cow, in this case Vicky Cristina, the option to do the right thing without any force.  Vicky C, a VERY large cow at almost 1600 pounds, wasn't necessarily challenging Cricket, but was waiting to see if she really meant it.  She did.

Initial contact.  Cricket doesn't move but a single paw at a time in this mode.  Vicky C, watchful and wary, but not doing what Cricket is asking, which is MOVE your big, fat butt

A front paw goes forward

A little bit more
Front paw and head come up slightly.  Vicky C should have been paying a bit closer attention at this point but she wasn't

Done with being subtle and polite, Cricket decides it's time to unleash the hound of hell in her.  NOW Vicky C gets the hint

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  1. A great series of pictures. I've seen Rowyn move up like that, but not on cows, of course. At least not yet.