Thursday, May 30, 2013

What A Pair

What did you THINK I was talking about??

Sybil and momma Cricket

Laser Guidance

If you ever get a notion to go try your pup on cattle, I would be highly interested in whether or not they have the same eye and intensity as momma Cricket.  Hoke, he's not nearly this subtle, more of a charge right in and get things moving.  Cricket tends to give a sticky cow, in this case Vicky Cristina, the option to do the right thing without any force.  Vicky C, a VERY large cow at almost 1600 pounds, wasn't necessarily challenging Cricket, but was waiting to see if she really meant it.  She did.

Initial contact.  Cricket doesn't move but a single paw at a time in this mode.  Vicky C, watchful and wary, but not doing what Cricket is asking, which is MOVE your big, fat butt

A front paw goes forward

A little bit more
Front paw and head come up slightly.  Vicky C should have been paying a bit closer attention at this point but she wasn't

Done with being subtle and polite, Cricket decides it's time to unleash the hound of hell in her.  NOW Vicky C gets the hint

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Your Pup's Mother

If your Cricket son or daughter has to have every bone/treat/toy he or she can stuff in his or her mouth, now you know what side of the family THAT comes from

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Freya is getting more comfortable going into the water at the dog beach but she still won't get into the pool.  Here we are at my Aunt & Uncle's pool trying to give Freya a positive experience.

Note the bag of liver treats next to the pool. 

Everyone watches Robert dive in.
Freya and Gypsy attend the same dog training class.  It is a bit of a challenge since they desperately want to be together and play.  Sometimes Gypsy misses her Mom so working a long line with distraction is our goal.


Is sister coming?

Down and stay
They are totally checking each other out. 

Freya and Friends at Del Mar Dog Beach

Seva showing Freya the ropes of  fun in the water.

Sam thinks he is still young.
Ooops, too deep!

Get me out of here.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Katrina and Kathy are proud Mom's of all their girls
Freya, Ellen & Gypsy 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring Update

  We have been blessed with some amazing weather this spring. With days that reach up to 80+ degrees!! Amazing. Along with the beautiful weather we've been able to spend a lot more time outside with Sawyer. He has grown into such a beautiful and ridiculously smart dog. And what I've mistaken as attachment issuses was actually him throwing a fit! Haha! The howling in the car apparently means 'this is a place you always let me out of the car! WHY ARE YOU LEAVING ME IN HERE!?' He will happily go into his crate when I'm getting ready to leave for school/work. But if I pick up his leash or one of his toys its over. With all that said here are some new photos of our handsome pup.

Instant best friends
I love how he holds his frisbee

His ready to go face. So focused.

This is what happened when I tried to take a photo with him!

No problem with getting close to each other during instense tug matches.


  This last set of photos crack me up! And it all takes place in just a few seconds. You can tell because Sawyer hasn't even moved and inch. Here's how it went down:
Trevor: 'Sawyer sit. Sam sit."
Pups: Sit                               
Trevor: "Are you ready?!"
Sawyer: Still sitting.         
Sam: "YES."                     
Half a second later...
Sam: "Why haven't you thrown it yet!?!"