Monday, April 8, 2013

Rowyn and the Rattlesnakes

In some places, April showers bring May flowers. Around here, it means the snakes are waking up. So I knew it was only a matter of time before Rowyn had his first snake encounter. Luckily, his self-preservation instincts over-rode his curiosity. This is what Rowyn thinks about snakes;

He met one of these snakes the evening before this video, but the snake slithered under the bridge before I got there.  Yes, there are 2 snakes there.
Why is the snake hiding it's head under the rock?
I just couldn't tell until I flipped that rock over.
Oh, thats why!
And saw this. Two Crotalus ruber, and judging by their behavior, the lighter colored one on top is a male and the darker one underneath a female. Maybe even the same pair I found in the yard last year. I dubbed them Romeo and Juliet. Yes, ill fated lovers. For after I finished with the pictures, I rather rudely interrupted their tryst and banished them from my yard, hopefully never to return. If you like snake pictures, I have more here.

The snakes were not harmed, and neither was Rowyn. Now he knows what they smell like and that its best to avoid them. If he barks his fool head off when he finds one, then I know where to find it. Better than finding them by accident.

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