Thursday, April 18, 2013

Now I understand...

Why I wanted a red dog. He matches my dirt.

This works out pretty well, except for the part where I don't notice how dirty he is before he comes into the house.


  1. Love this! Rowyn is such a handsome pup. And his coat looks ridiculously long!!

    1. His coat is kind of long, but so far not fluffy. I hope it stays that way. Fluffy = too much to brush

  2. Do all the pups have the digging gene? Sweep's coat is exactly the same as Rowyn's. She has the funny misdirected hair along the top of her.

  3. Blame daddy for the digging gene. Blame momma for the weird hair on the back. Her 'cape' finally did go away at around 3 years old.

  4. Well, I don't mind either bit, the digging or the weird hair. I do remember the pups loving to dig at a spot right at the edge of the garage in the dog yard. Even if Rowyn didn't know about digging when he got here, Shae would've taught him. In her younger days, she didn't make holes, she made trenches!