Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Old Man Moves Sheep

Awesome!  Shelly walked me thru the process and here is my first video upload.  Ho Dog's job was to dog break the lambs yesterday.  It was pretty funny, actually, as he didn't really listen to me much.  Not surprising, really.  But, since I had no qualms about him doing anything except getting within shouting distance of the sheep, I just let him move them around as he wanted.  The lambs were near perfect, so they should be ready for 'faster' dogs, like, say, Sybil.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rowyn's Big Day

Today, Rowyn and I went to meet Dot, the stockdog trainer. Just for kicks. I sort of wasn't expecting much, and I was secretly dreading that Rowyn would either a) rush in and grab something by the leg and treat it like a chew toy, or b) run and hide behind my legs. Thankfully, neither of those things happened. In fact, I'm so pleased with how things went,  I'm inserting 4 videos just to show off. You have been warned. Stop here if you don't wish to be subjected to doggie mommy videos.

The following comments are from Dot, the trainer:

Rowyn did great.  It only took like 5 seconds for the light bulb to go on and him to start working my Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  He treated them as a group right away.  It took very little guidance to get him to do things.  He was comfortable taking them off the fence.  Not filmed was when he had the goats packed against the fence and they stood him down; Rowyn responded with crouch behavior that said, ”I’m ready to meet your challenge.”  Whenever he went in for a grip, it was a nice heel to tell a goat to move;  Never a prey grip or cheat shot.  Real nice for only 8-months-old!      -Dot DeLisle

Well, okay. You know you want to see at least one. So this is a short one.
It actually came at the end of this longer one, in case you still want to see more.
That's Dot in the pen with Rowyn and the... oh yeah, these aren't sheep, they're goats. And very nice goats too. Rowyn saw the goats before this time, but I forgot to get the camera out of the car.

After a little rest, Dot, Rowyn and the goats came out into the big yard.
Rowyn had one more go after this, but I used Dot's camera to film that one. You might have noticed that there are only 3 goats out in the big yard, instead of the four in the little pen. Rowyn didn't eat that one, Dot just put her back with the other goats. I'm pretty proud of how Rowyn did, not that I had anything to do with it. I was just the driver.
Katrina and Kathy, Dot is out in Ramona, not very far from where Dusty used to live. In case you might want to test Gypsy and Freya.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Germany's Dynamic Duo

Hey all, Dusty sent me this adorable picture of Timber & Ylvie from Michaela. Enjoy!
The dynamic duo.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Seriously Sybil

Sometimes the dorky one can look so very serious it just cracks me up

Just a really pretty picture of a dog and her cow on a beautiful late winter's day