Monday, February 11, 2013

Stella Doggy Class & Bath

So, on Wednesday, we have our obedience class with Sawyer. You can imagine how happy Stella & Sawyer are to see each other and play the entire class! Well, at least, they WISH they could. We have to make sure they pay attention to their respective owners during class. Anyways, Brandi & Trevor were experimenting to see if a tennis ball would capture Sawyers attention more than treats, and Stella decided she wanted the ball after class... This was the outcome:

The picture is fuzzy because I was laughing while capturing this. This went on for 5 minutes straight of Stella not giving up the ball, and Sawyer wanting it back.

We finally had to pry stella off of the ball.
Happy doggie faces
  The next day, it was time for Little Miss to get a bath. Her ruff was almost permanently brown, and she had a streak of something (dirt? Pitch?) on her forehead that wasn't easy to get out. She was not happy about getting washed, so I decided to grab a few pictures of the pitiful "why are you doing this to me" face because it was just too funny to pass up.

Look at those puppy dog blues! 

Why are you taking a picture?

All clean! Look at how white her chest is! And she's all fluffy now! I wonder how long it will take for her fur to smooth down.