Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sawyer and Samuel

  Sawyer and his Labrador friend met when they were 10-11 weeks old and have been best friends since. We meet up at a dog park every week and they play like there is no tomorrow. It used to be intense wrestling matches but, tug of war has become the new favorite. Over the last few weeks Sawyer has become very grumbly. He gets the most vicious growling going although it's hard to believe when his little tail is wagging away the whole time. He does pretty much anything to make sure he is going to win.

 This one is from a few weeks back. Sam probably has 10lbs on Sawyer now.

This little golden puppy was such a cutie. He was watching Sawyer and Sam play after a bit he started trying to play tug with them. It was so sweet.

Goofy pups.

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